Leonardo Presents New Marlin 40 Naval Defence System at DIMDEX 2018

Image about Leonardo Presents New Marlin 40 Naval Defence System at DIMDEX 2018

Leonardo is exhibiting its OTO Marlin 40, the newest member of its naval defence systems family, for the first time in an international defense expo, Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference (DIMDEX), held in Doha, Qatar this week.

The new OTO Marlin 40 naval turret has been designed for Navies, which are increasingly engaged in patrol operations using fast, lightweight vessels, but still require high-performance equipment.

The Marlin 40 provides superior performance for challenging missions such as anti-missile defence, anti-aircraft warfare and ship-to-ship engagement. The gun features a dry weight of only 2,100 kg in its remotely controlled version, high maneuverability (the barrel can move at 120°/s thanks to powerful and accurate servo-systems), and the ability to fire multi-purpose programmable fused ammunition.

Marlin 40 is fully digital and can be configured as either fully slaved to a Combat Management System/Fire Control System (CMS/FCS) or with autonomous local control by means of an independent optical sight and ballistic computation. Installation and integration procedures are straightforward, the system is compact and no deck penetration is required.

The Marlin 40’s high performance, flexibility and low weight make it the ideal solution for a ship’s main armament and/or secondary armament, providing valuable protection from maneuverable threats both in the air and on the surface (AAW, ASuW).

With extensive experience in producing defence systems, Leonardo is one of largest manufacturers of 40mm naval gun mounts in the world. More than 850 of the Company’s systems are in service with 30 Navies worldwide.