Cyprus to Sell 11 Mi-35P Helicopters to Serbia: Report

Image about Cyprus to Sell 11 Mi-35P Helicopters to Serbia: Report

Cyprus is in talks with Serbia for the latter’s intended purchase of 11 second-hand Mi-35P attack helicopters.

A military delegation led by Serbian Deputy Defense Minister Nenad Miloradovic visited Cyprus’ Andreas Papandreou Air Base in April 2021 and examined the rotorcraft operated by the Cyprus National Guard, local media reported.

In the following month, Serbia sent an official letter requesting Cyprus for the helicopters after which the latter allocated €300 million to buy a dozen new helicopters for itself.

Cyprus bought 12 Mi-35Ps two decades ago. One of the helicopters was destroyed in an accident in 2006 and became unusable. The country wants to sell the remaining aircraft owing to their low night vision capabilities and obsolete technology. Additionally, there are problems with sourcing spare parts due to EU sanctions; and maintenance cost of the helicopter exceeds €100 million for ten years, reports say.