US Aims To Send Additional HIMARS Rocket Systems to Support Ukraine

Image about US Aims To Send Additional HIMARS Rocket Systems to Support Ukraine

The US government is ramping up to send Ukraine as much as $400 million in additional military equipment and other supplies to help the embattled nation repel Russian forces currently attempting to advance on the Donbas region. The defense package could include up to four additional medium-range rocket systems and necessary ammunition.

The medium-range rocket systems are classified as M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, otherwise known as HIMARS.  According to a senior White House defense official, the four new rockets increase the inventory to twelve.  The defense official also went on to say that the first eight HIMARS have been uniquely useful for Ukraine operations since the Donbas region fight has been mostly artillery-based.

That said, the official was also quick to refute that Russian reports about two HIMARS having been destroyed are false.  Furthermore, he notes that all eight of the original HIMARS have been accounted for and, more importantly, Ukraine is still using them.

The official advised, “We don’t see this at all as Russia winning this battle.  Certainly, they’re not winning it relative to their initial objectives.  They’ve been very much thwarted, but the fighting is hard.”

Indeed, the fight has been hard; which is why the equipment the military is drawing down out of US stockpiles to send to Ukraine also includes at least three tactical vehicles, as well as demolition munitions, and assorted country-battery systems and other spare parts.  They have also sent other various equipment to assist Ukraine in the repair and maintenance of other systems that have been sent recently.

Again, the defense officials reinforce, “If the Russians think they can outlast the Ukrainians, they need to rethink that.  We are already pivoting towards thinking about what the Ukrainians will need in the months and years ahead.”