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01:32 PM, February 5, 2019
Ukrainian EW Radar Helped Israel Destroy Iranian Pantsir Air Defence in Syria
Ukrainian Kolchuga-M (image: Kerri-Jo Stewart)

A Ukrainian-made Kolchuga-M passive radar system helped Israel locate and destroy Russian Pantsir air defence system deployed by Iran in Syria.

The targeted defensive systems included Tor surface-to-air missile system, a Pantsir-S surface-to-air missile systems, an S-75 surface-to-air missile system, and a JY-28 radar, Uawire reported Monday.

The Kolchuga's passive electronic support measure makes it possible to spot ground and surface targets and trace their movement within a radius of 600 km and air targets at the 10 km altitude – up to 800 km.

According to the GlobalSecurity.org, the Ukrainian Kolchuga has a detection range of 800km. US’ Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) detection range is 600 km, while the ground-based complexes Vera (Czech Republic) and Vega (Russia) can reach up to 400km. The Kolchuga’s lower limit of the working frequency range is 130MHZ. For the AWACS it is 2,000 MHz, for the Vera it is 850MHz, for the Vega it is 200MHz.

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