Rolls-Royce ‘Spirit of Innovation’ Officially becomes World’s Fastest All-Electric Aircraft

January 21, 2022 @ 07:23 AM

Rolls-Royce announced today that its all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation aircraft is officially the worlds fastest all-electric aircraft, having set two new world records which have now been independently confirmed. At 15

Modernized Russian Tu-160M Strategic Bomber Performs First Flight

January 12, 2022 @ 03:12 PM

Russia's Tu-160M strategic bomber, the heavily modernized version of the Soviet era Tu-160 long range bomber, today undertook its first flight marking the potential of the aircraft to carry latest weapons such as hypersonic missiles. The aircraft took off from the airfield of the Kazan Aviation Plant, a Tupolev branch of...

Germany Withholds Airbus A400M Aircraft Supply to Embattled Kazakhstan: Reports

January 10, 2022 @ 10:02 AM

Germany has blocked the sale of Airbus A400M transport aircraft to Kazakhstan after protests erupted in the country over rising fuel prices. "This prohibition is necessary, given the situation in Kazakhstan," a government official was quoted as saying by Radio-télévision belge de la Communauté française (RTBF), the Belgian Radio-television of the...

Rostec Delivers Modernized A-50U Long-Range 'Flying Radar' to Russian Troops

December 29, 2021 @ 10:29 AM

Russias state-owned Rostec handed over modernized A-50U long-range Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) aircraft to the military. The A-50U can detect fundamentally new types of aircraft, and is also capable of simultaneously tracking a greater number of targets and guided fighters than the previous modification

Antonov Rolls Out First An-178-100R Aircraft for Ukraine

December 28, 2021 @ 05:24 PM

The Antonov state-owned enterprise rolled out the first military transport aircraft An-178-100R ordered by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The Ukrainian army has placed an order for three An-178-100R planes

Indonesian N219 Transport Plane to be Transformed into Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

December 24, 2021 @ 02:30 PM

Indonesian N219 Turboprop Aircraft will be converted into a maritime surveillance aircraft (MSA) with the integration of MSA mission systems made by a local firm, PT Infoglobal Teknologi Semesta. PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) and PT Infoglobal Teknologi Semesta/Infoglobal signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation in the integration of maritime surveillance aircraft (MSA) mission systems on N219 aircraft

Ukrainian National Airlines to be Launch Customer for Antonov An-158 aircraft

December 16, 2021 @ 11:26 AM

Newly formed Ukrainian National Airlines will likely purchase the first five An-158 aircraft from the Antonov State Enterprise, which is part of state enterprise, Ukroboronprom. This was announced during a joint press-briefing by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov and General Director of Ukroboronprom Yuriy Husyev

China’s Y-20 Refuels J-16 Fighters During its Debut Near Taiwan Straits

November 29, 2021 @ 03:50 AM

In a massive exercise held by the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) near Taiwan on Sunday, the refueling variant of the Y-20 large transport aircraft made its debut and even refueled J-16 fighter jets. The PLA has not yet announced the commissioning of this variant of the Y-20